Battery optimizer and Widget نسخه ۲٫۷

Linpus Battery optimizer is a fully featured battery optimizer or manager and probably the best available on Google Play free of cost. It will boost the battery life for your device by providing information on the apps/widgets that are consuming most of your battery. It provides best methods to control the battery consuming apps. In addition, it recommends power saving or management plans that allow you to boost your battery life. Moreover, it also shows battery status all the time.

We express our gratitude to Ezequiel D.C who helped us in translating our app in Spanish.
Decir gracias: gracias a Ezequiel DC que traduce la versión en español.

Best Features (Free)
Quickly view power consumption stats, choose a power plan and clear apps from memory.

Memory Management
Boost battery life by cleaning memory.

Power consumption stats
View the current and total usage history for all apps, wake locks and hardware.

Power usage plans
Has Balanced, Power Save, Super Save, Night and User Custom modes to provide the best user experience

Time left per app
Linpus Battery optimizer monitors battery usage for each app over time. Then it calculates the time remaining for each app before the battery drains out. For example, if you want to watch a movie, it will look at the battery status and estimate how many hours of battery remains. You can therefore plan if you can watch all the movie or not, or you need to close other apps or charge.

Application management UI
Linpus Battery optimizer lets you not only see which app is using the most power, but let you kill it immediately without having to go to another panel.

Charging Stages
Has Trickle, Fast and Full Charge stages. Many batteries appear to be full, the Trickle option means you squeeze an extra little juice into your battery before you unplug.

Intelligent power saving
Can automatically disable wireless connectivity when your battery gets below a certain percentage

A full list of free features is below:
Battery Info:
– Show battery life and temperature status.
– Show time estimation and percentage for battery usage.
– Show time estimation and percentage for charging.
– Show battery life for different scenarios, e.g. standby, call, video & music playback, web surfing and so on.
– Supports learning mechanism to adjust time estimation dynamically.

– Supports fast charge, full charge and trickle charge.
– Show tips for different charging status.

– Show instant power consumption for each app with ranking.
– Can kill an app from the app list.
– Show instant power consumption for hardware components with rankings.
– Can adjust the setting for each hardware component.

Power Plan:
– Supports three pre-defined modes: Balanced, Power Save, and Super Save modes.
– Records initial settings to User Custom mode.
– Users can set values as they like for all modes.
– Show time estimation for each mode.

Intelligent Power Saving or Boost:
– Can automatically switch to another mode when the power is lower than a certain threshold.
– Can automatically disable all connectivity when the battery goes below a certain threshold.

Battery Widget:
– Show battery percentage on battery widget.
– Supports quick switch panel.
– Supports one tap to clear system memory (smart clear).

Others Free features:
– Provides useful power saving and battery boosting tips.
– Show notification when the battery is fully charged.
– Show notification when the battery is lower than a certain threshold.
– Show battery icon on status bar.
– Show battery info in notification area.

Linpus Battery optimizer has been tested on all the latest and best devices such as Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7, Galaxy Nexus ,HTC Desire S and so on. Please feel free to contact us if your device is not supported.

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Battery optimizer and Widget نسخه 2.7 screenshot 1

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Style View Cover نسخه ۳٫۲۰

StyleViewCover App provides the features of Samsung S-View Smart Cover for Galaxy S and Note series with any view flip covers.

This app displays:
1. Caller ID (during incoming call)
2. Time & Date
3. Notifications of missed calls, unattended messages
4. Notifications of apps
– Whatsapp, Wechat, Kakaotalk, Line
– Facebook, Google+
– Hangouts, Skype
– Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram
– Other apps
5. Music player control
– Google Play Music player control
– Samsung music player control
– Notification with control icons for other music apps


۱٫ Turn the screen on/off by opening/closing the cover
2. Answer/reject calls with the cover closed by sliding
3. Answer calls with the cover closed by shaking
4. Answer calls with the cover closed by pressing the Home key
5. End calls by pressing the power button
6. Mute the phone by turning the phone upside down
7. Set the wallpaper
8. Adjust the window offset
9. Use the music control
10. Pause while photo, camera, video, map, navigation apps are running for convenience
11. Show widgets

Note: The app is disabled during landscape mode (playing games, watching videos, etc).

We would appreciate any emails regarding any issue you face.

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Style View Cover نسخه 3.20 screenshot 1

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DC Huawei Bootloader Codes نسخه ۱٫۱٫۸

Huawei Bootloader unlock code instant reading from phone with DC-Unlocker application (Windows PC only).
Supported devices: https://www.dc-unlocker.com/android-feature-table?filter=bootloader
Code reading guide: https://www.dc-unlocker.com/how-to-read-huawei-bootloader-unlock-code
How unlock bootloader https://www.dc-unlocker.com/free-huawei-bootloader-unlock-tutorial

Service for working phones only!
If your phone stuck in fastboot, you need repair phone first.(example with DC Phoenix)

All services are paid.
Code By IMEI service currently offline

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DC Huawei Bootloader Codes نسخه 1.1.8 screenshot 1

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Test Virus نسخه ۱٫۸

NOTE: THIS APP IS HARMLESS. This is a test Virus to test the functionality of any antivirus product for Android.

Antivirus products for Android should detect this app as a threat. Secondly this app has the capability to:

۱) Extract a random file onto your Android device that meets the EICAR standards for antivirus detection
2) Extract a zip file onto your Android device that contains a compressed file that meets the EICAR standards for antivirus detection.
3) NEW – Open a harmless, test malicious website used for testing antivirus safe browsing features.

These features only happen upon your request.

NOTE: THIS APP IS HARMLESS. This app is specifically used for Android antivirus testing and detection purposes.

Ensure that your antivirus product detects not only this application but the files it extracts as well.

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Test Virus نسخه 1.8 screenshot 1

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Seeder نسخه ۲٫۰٫۰

Lag reduction for ROOT USERS ONLY!

Many Android tasks run slower than they should for one simple, yet not-so-obvious reason: they consume large amounts of random data from a limited source. Random data is used to generate session keys and unique identifiers, in SSL and wifi, while starting processes, and during inter-process communication.

This data (entropy) runs out frequently, and that causes processes reading from the blocking device (if any) to temporarily stop responding (lag). These processes cannot continue until the Linux kernel repopulates the entropy pool, which takes time. In addition, input events are pulled from the user interface (to refill the pool), which may also contribute to the problem.

Seeder is a service for root users. It assists the kernel in "topping off" the entropy pool by re-seeding it with data from the non-blocking (high performance) random device. Optionally, it can also help alleviate MMC I/O contention by extending the I/O queue, allowing the I/O scheduler to make better decisions, and combine more writes.

On some devices, applications load significantly faster (particularly large ones like Facebook, Chrome, and Youtube), and task switching becomes effortless. Fewer visual "hiccups" occur.

You MUST be running a rooted device to use this application! If you don't know what this means, Seeder will probably not work on your device!

** Note **

This app does not increase raw performance, but rather eliminates some types of annoying lag (ie. applications briefly freezing, jerky scrolling, delays returning to the home screen, etc). The effect seems to be more noticeable the longer the device has been running prior to activating the RNG service.

Google's efforts to optimize newer builds of Android have been substantial, and Seeder has less effect on Android 4.0+ (though many users still report improvement).

Bug reports are greatly appreciated. If you have any trouble with the application, please send an email before leaving a review. If during testing you find that Seeder does not noticeably reduce lag on your device, please email me for a refund!

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Seeder نسخه 2.0.0 screenshot 1

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Wifi Fixer (Donate) نسخه ۱٫۰٫۴

This app authorizes Wifi Fixer for donaters. It does nothing else. You must have the Wifi Fixer app installed.

Be aware that the return window is 15 minutes.

For support, visit http://wififixer.wordpress.com or email the developer using the link below.

Thank you for your donation!

***IMPORTANT!!!**** The current Wifi Fixer release is not showing in the market for Android 5.x. If you are on Android 5.x and want want to download Wifi Fixer, please join the beta program:

تصاویر :

Wifi Fixer (Donate) نسخه 1.0.4 screenshot 1

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سنجش سرعت وای فای ( WiFi Speed Test Pro ) نسخه ۲٫۵٫۸

اپلیکیشنی برای سنجش سرعت شبکه‌های محلی (LAN) برای وای فای یا شبکه سیمی !

ویژگیهای اپلیکیشن WiFi Speed Test Pro اندروید :- سنجش سرعت آپلود و دانلود وای فای- سنجش سرعت سرور FTP- سنجش سرعت سرور سامبا- سنجش سرعت IPerf- پشتیبانی از هات اسپات و اتصال گت اندروید- سنجش سرعت وای فای و شبکه میان گوشی تلفن یا تبلت – سنجش سرعت وای فای و شبکه میان گوشی و کامپیوتر- تشخیص شبکه هایی که با هم تداخل دارند- تجسم- تجزیه و تحلیل شبکه و پیدا کردن تنگناها- انتقال نتایج در فرمت csv و آپلود در سرویس ابری- سنجش سرعت اتصال Ethernet توجه نمایید که این اپلیکیشن برای سنجش سرعت اینترنت نمیباشد فقط سرعت شبکه‌های محلی شما را اندازه گیری می‌کند…

تصاویر :

سنجش سرعت وای فای ( WiFi Speed Test Pro )  نسخه 2.5.8 screenshot 1

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دیکشنری انگلیسی آکسفورد ( Oxford Dictionary of English ) نسخه ۱٫۲

همانطور که میدانید دیکشنری جامع انگلیسی آکسفورد، برترین دیکشنری انگلیسی به انگلیسی در دنیاست که توسط دانشگاه معروف آکسفورد تهیه و تنظیم شده است و معتبرترین فرهنگ لغت در میان دانش آموزان زبان است

این دیکشنری شامل بیش ۱۰۰٫۰۰۰ لغت با توضیحات کافی است. هر لغت دارای چند مثال و جمله است.

بیش از ۵ میلیون جمله و مثال برای درک بهتر معانی لغات

لغات هایی که دارای چند معنی اند، برای هر معنی توضیحات و جملات متفاوتی آورده شده است

کاربرد های یک لغت به عنوان اسم ، فعل و حرف بطور کامل شرح داده شده است

ویژگی های طلایی این دیکشنری که آن را نسبت به سایر دیکشنری ها متمایز میکند:

دیکشنری بسیار کامل و شامل تمامی لغات دیکشنری انگلیسی آکسفورد

امکان جست و جو

امکان قرار دادن لغات در لیست علاقه مندی ها

داشتن تاریخچه

داشتن مثال و جملات جهت درک بهتر معنی

داشتن مثال و جملات عامیانه و غیر رسمی

مشخص کردن نوع لغت (اسم، فعل و …)

مشخص کردن هم معنی و هم خانواده

لغات prefix و…

تصاویر :

دیکشنری انگلیسی آکسفورد ( Oxford Dictionary of English )  نسخه 1.2 screenshot 1

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Security Antivirus – Max Clean نسخه ۱٫۰٫۰٫۱۰۴

Security antivirus is important. How can you stay safe from viruses, spyware, Trojans, malwares, vulnerabilities, adwares, Privacy snoopers, extortion, phishing and Wi-Fi spy? How to find out virus, viruses, Trojans, malwares, spyware and extortion? How to antivirus quick heal? How to keep CPU cold, system run smooth when gaming? Which is the best antivirus cleaner and booster?

T Antivirus can clean virus, protect phone, protect privacy, booster, and AppLock. It can warning suspicious, clean viruses spyware blackmail. T Antivirus include Cleaner, Booster and Antivirus. Find out all Spyware, virus. Privacy protection with AppLock, keep phone cold. Boost and run fast.
T Antivirus is honestable antivirus, 100% free. With Booster, make phone run fast, you can boost your phone before running game. With Cleaner can make virus Clean, Kill Trojans and clean Junk files, free more space, max your storage.

T Antivirus is the best mobile antivirus for android. with AV-Test A+ full score antivirus engine, both local security and cloud antivirus. (The AV-TEST Institute is a leading international and independent service provider in the fields of IT security and antivirus research.)

Security & Antivirus
Virus Cleaner clean all viruses. Protect Private, Photos, Bank Information, Account, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messager, etc. Keep your android safe and secure, This is Antivirus Master.
Protecting mobile from any of extortion Virus, malware, adware or Trojans, able to offer the best anti-virus protection service globally. Viruses remove, antivirus free and Anti Spy ware.

Phone Booster
Launch app with a long time? Irritability and unbearable. Phone Booster speed up your Android system! We use a new technology to boost phone, free up RAM and save battery, normally 40% of memory can be released, get more available memory by booster. We use the features of android system itself to boost, no root privileges are required, safe and efficient. cool boost, right? 1 Tap Boost shortcut to speed up device easily from your home screen.
Boost is really effective, recommend to you

With AppLock, you can add an extra password protection to sensitive apps, such as, Facebook, Message, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Anti Spyware, Antivirus, Avast, McAfee. Lock your private apps by using pattern or fingerprint and keep your secret safe from snoopers.
AppLock support fingerprint for Android Devices and Samsung mobile.

Junk files cleaner
Clean junk files, clean residual files, unused apks and cache to free up storage, boost speed and improve the performance of Android device. Keep phone clod, clean and fast. Virus Clean, Junk Clean, Internet browsing Clean, Thumbnail, Search history, clipboard and unused apks Clean. Clean Junk especially for Facebook, Message, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, System cache, Thumbnail, etc. This is the best master for clean mobile.

Privacy Risk Detect
Mobile Security Analyse, WiFi Security Analyse, Browser Security Check, make sure your mobile is protected, away from any of extortion Virus, malwares, adwares or Trojans.

Fast Security Scan by One Tap
Both Local Antivirus Security Engine and Cloud Security Service. Fast check out virus, malwares, adwares or Trojans and clean virus.

WiFi Security
Detect WiFi spy, Test WiFi speed, Security Antivirus will show you how many devices are sharing your bandwidth, with that you can check out which is WiFi spy, remove all spy by your router manage page to make your WiFi safe and fast.

T Antivirus supported multi-languages, on settings->languages:
Arabic, German, Greek, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Brazilian, Russian, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Chinese.

Protect with antivirus, make it Security, Virus cleaner.
Security Antivirus Max ! 100% free download, get the best antivirus NOW !

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Security Antivirus - Max Clean نسخه screenshot 1

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My Qibla +5 نسخه ۳٫۱٫۲

We put in your hand this application which allow you to know :

-Direction of Qibla and times of Sunrise and sunset and disappearing.
-Location of sun and moon.
-Determine the location exactly and give informations about GPS.
-Calculate the speed.

The program contains 3 interfaces :

-The first presents the compass and 4 buttons that allow to show or hide the direction of Qibla and the location of sun and moon and captured satellites.
-The second shows informations about the location and satellites case.
-The third is specified to show the speed(you can use it during ride the car or bike or walking to calculate your speed).

تصاویر :

My Qibla +5 نسخه 3.1.2 screenshot 1

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