Play Apps Store نسخه ۲٫۴

You want to own the hottest, top apps, most downloaded many store of Google Play appStore, this app is the first choice for you.Play Apps Store Market update hottest applications, those applications topped charts android app store.

The easiest way to the best top Android Apps & games! Play Apps Store Market discovers new apps & games and recommends the best for you. Focused on FREE and PAID Top Apps & Top Games of Google Play Store, Play Apps Store Market brings new apps you will love!

We test and review dozen of new apps and games every day so you can quickly get to the best ones. Optimized for speed: Fast to open, fast to browse & fast to search, no clutter!


GREATE FEATURE in Play Apps Store Market

✦ Find top apps from Google Play app Store by country
✦ Find top apps from Google Play app Store by apps type(free, paid, family, grossing, trending…)
✦ Find top apps from Google Play app Store by apps categories(tools, game action, game adventure…)


Install the best alternative to the Android Market. It's the best discovery tool in the Market, including personalized recommendations based on app you have installed.

We organized the applications in ways to get to the best apps & games quickly & we have tools for expert Android user:

– Top Apps & Top Games: 500+ editorialized lists with daily updates

– Better Search: Quick suggestions as you type & human optimized

Play Apps Store Market supports the top rankings of many countries in the world of Android Store, which many other applications do not have this feature. You can also request an update to add other countries. We will update more soon after seeing your request.

Play Apps Store Market is very simple compact app, easy to use, it is the best tool to support for Google play store market.

If you like it, share it with your friend or post on whatsapp, facebook, twitter or email…

Please review this app to help us improve feature better.


You can not download or install apps through this app. It's just a collection top, hostest, trending, and grossing the app of Android Apps Store, and you must install it through Google Play Store.

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NetBarg نت برگ نسخه ۲٫۱٫۷

تمام شهر در دستان شما.
با اپلیکیشن نت‌‎برگ تمام پیشنهادات و تخفیف‌های فوق‌العاده‌ی شهر خود را هر کجا به همراه داشته باشید و تخفیف‌های مورد علاقه‌ی خود را به راحتی مشاهده و خریداری نمائید. شما حتی می‌توانید بدون احتیاج به اینترنت، کدهای نت‌برگ‌های خریداری شده‌ی خود را مشاهده و از آن‌ها استفاده نمائید.
نت‌برگ به عنوان اولین و بزرگ‌ترین سایت تخفیف و خرید گروهی ایران, روزانه ده‌ها پیشنهاد هیجان‌انگیز با تخفیف‌های۴٠% تا ٩٠% از بهترین تجربیات و تفریحات شهر را در اختیار شما قرار می‌دهد. شما می‌توانید تنها با چند کلیک این پیشنهادات را خریداری کرده و با دریافت کدهای اختصاصی، از آن‌ها لذت ببرید .پیشنهادات نت‌برگ شامل انواع رستوران‌ها, دوره‌های آموزشی, مراکز تفریحی و ورزشی, مراکز زیبایی بهداشتی و آرایشی, انواع کالا و ده‌ها زمینه‌ی دیگر است و شما می‌توانید تمامی این‌ها را با قیمت‌های باورنکردنی تجربه کنید.
برخی از امکانات اپلیکیشن نت‌برگ
مشاهده‌ی تمامی تخفیف‌ها و پیشنهادات نت‌برگ
امکان مشاهده‌ی پیشنهادات نت‌برگ به صورت دسته‌بندی شده (رستوران و کافی‌شاپ، تفریحی و ورزشی، پزشکی و سلامت، فرهنگی و هنری، زیبائی و آرایشی، کالا و …)
خرید و استفاده از نت‌برگ از داخل اپلیکیشن 
پرداخت از طریق موجودی نت‌برگی و یا پرداخت الکترونیک از طریق کارت‌های عضو شتاب
مشاهده‌ی کدهای نت‌برگ‌های خریداری شده بدون نیاز به اینترنت و ارایه‌ی آن‌ها به مراکز خدماتی مورد نظر
مشاهده‌ی نظرات کاربران در مورد هر نت‌برگ
مشاهده‌ی پیشنهادات هر شهر بر روی نقشه
مشاهده‌ی نت‌برگ‌های نزدیک شما (با قابلیت تنظیم فاصله)
به اشتراک‌گذاری اطلاعات هر نت‌برگ با دوستانتان
شارژ موجودی از طریق کارت‌های عضو شتاب (جهت خریدهای بعدی)
مشاهده‌ی موقعیت مکانی هر نت‌برگ بر روی نقشه
یادآوری به شما در مورد نزدیک بودن تاریخ انقضای نت‌برگ‌های خریداری شده (با قابلیت غیر فعال‌سازی)
امکان مدیریت آدرس‌های مختلف شما (افزودن آدرس جدید و …) برای نت‌برگ‌های پستی
ویرایش اطلاعات حساب کاربری از طریق اپلیکیشن
اشتراک در خبرنامه‌ی ایمیلی نت‌برگ از داخل اپلیکیشن
طراحی سبک و زیبا
قابل نصب بر روی اندروید نسخه ۲٫۳ به بالا

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Banggood – Shopping With Fun نسخه ۳٫۷٫۰

Discover the latest and greatest gadgets, RC, electronics, clothing, toys, iPhone & iPad accessories, DIY, watches and so much more from the comfort of your phone. We’re proud to have delivered over 3 Million orders across the globe and were dedicated to giving you the best prices and shopping experience.

1.See What’s hot
2.Browse and search all 70,000 products
3.View Flash Deals
4.Full shopping cart access
5.Check order status
6.Add products to your wish list
7.Read customer reviews on products
8.Access the product discussions
9.Pay for your purchases with PayPal.
10.Full access to your Banggood account
11.Contact our support team

Browse all our categories:
1.Hobbies & outdoor
2.Digital life
3.Men’s fashion
4.Women’s fashion
6.Jewelry & watch
7.Health &beauty
Discover shopping with fun, best bang for your buck at Banggood.

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Banggood - Shopping With Fun نسخه 3.7.0 screenshot 1

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JollyChic Fashion نسخه ۶٫۱٫۱

Outshine with Style! JollyChic mobile application offers amazing deals. More than 100 thousand items for women and men. Each day, there is 300+ styles updated. Look stunning and feel great again with Jolly's amazing selections! Are you looking for fashionable things to wear on a daily bases or for great occasions like weddings, ceremonies, graduation parties and more? Look no more! you are at the right place here.

Free express shipping on orders over $99!

Don't miss out our exclusive daily deals. Get big discounts and savings when you apply your coupon code for free.

Sort our items according to your preference. Add your favorites to your wishlist and share it with the world. The order process is so easy and simple. Check your order status and log in to your account from any device!

Our app supports Arabic, English, Turkish and Traditional Chinese. We offer convenient paying solutions that include: Cash on Delivery (COD), Paypal, Visa, and Master card…safe and secure. COD is now available in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait and Bahrain.

We're constantly improving our app and would love to hear your feedback.If you have any questions or suggestions, please send us email at info@jollychic.com or call us at :1-800-723-0597(US) +966-8111007910 (KSA) +44 (0)-800-014-8148 (UK).

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JollyChic Fashion نسخه 6.1.1 screenshot 1

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Newegg Mobile نسخه ۴٫۷٫۱

Get special mobile exclusive deals only from Newegg Mobile. It will help you to search, shop, read reviews and make purchases from Newegg, the largest consumer electronics focused e-retailer in North America.
– Get comprehensive product specifications.
– Read 1.7M+ customer reviews.
– View detailed image galleries.
– Shop quickly and easily.
– Search by category, Guided Search or Power Search.
– Enjoy special deals that are exclusive to Newegg Mobile.
– Receive optional push notifications about special Daily Deals and Price Alerts.
– Customize your Newegg Mobile experience with a Personal Homepage.

1. Device ID & call information (Used for the third party payment Visa.me Checkout)
2. Identity (Uses your Google account to log in)
3. Photo/Media/Files (Uses cached images for better performance and allows app to save & share images)
4. Camera/Microphone (Uses your camera as Barcode scanner and your Microphone for voice search)
5. Wi-Fi connection information (Uses Wi-Fi to connect to and browse Newegg
6. Contacts (Uses for adding new address from contacts)

Support shopping in United States and Canada.

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Newegg Mobile نسخه 4.7.1 screenshot 1

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DARAZ Online Shopping & Deals نسخه ۲٫۸٫۱

Daraz – Your Shopping App

Sometimes shopping is not an easy task to do. Your boss calls in a meeting at the last moment, the roads are jammed and you are stuck in traffic, friends are not around to advise you on the right outfit or you simply cannot find the best deals and discounts on the items you are looking for. Now there is the perfect solution for you. Download The Free Shopping App from Daraz to make your shopping easy.

How It Works?

  • Download the app on phone.
  • Instantly you will have access thousands of products including men’s and women’s fashion apparel, smartphones & tablets, perfumes, toys, home appliances and many more.
  • View high quality product images and read detailed product descriptions & reviews from previous customers.
  • Still not sure? No problem, simply add the product to your wish list. Once you are sure, come back, add it to your cart and to proceed to check out.
  • Our easy payment options offer you a fast and secure check out. Choose between VISA / MasterCard, bank transfer or simply with cash on delivery.
  • So what will you find?

  • The best deals of your favorite products.
  • Fashion lovers will get all premium and original brands like Nike, Sana Safinaz, Junaid Jamshed & many more at discounted prices.
  • For tech geeks, latest mobile phones, tablets, gaming consoles, LED TVs of all top brands and with genuine warranties.
  • Be the first one to know about special sales and exclusive APP only offers on EID, New year, Black Friday and other events for a full selection of everything that you need.
  • More Features on the Daraz app:

  • Easy Order Tracking
  • Get Discount Coupons
  • Special Deals Alert
  • Login with Facebook
  • Manage your Address Book
  • Read Other Customers Ratings & Reviews
  • Available for Pakistan & Bangladesh Audience
  • Here is what others think of the Daraz App

  • The Express Tribune: "Daraz.pk’s user-friendly mobile app, is perfect for customers on the go"
  • Need More Help or Info?

  • For Daraz Pakistan – http://www.daraz.pk/
  • Or contact our dedicated customer service: customer@daraz.pk
  • For Daraz Bangladesh – http://www.daraz.com.bd/
  • Or contact our dedicated customer service: customer.care@daraz.com.bd
  • And don’t forget to rate us on the play store. Share us on Facebook, Twitter, Email, Instagram, Whats app with all your friends !

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    DARAZ Online Shopping & Deals نسخه 2.8.1 screenshot 1

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    Lazada – Shopping & Deals نسخه ۵٫۶٫۲

    ★★★Most Trusted Online Shopping Mall in Southeast Asia!★★★

    Indonesia Award
    **Indonesia Cellular Award 2015 – Best Online Shop App**

    Philippines Award
    **Gold Standard, Readers Digest Most Trusted Brand Award 2014**

    Singapore Award
    **AsiaOne People's Choice Awards 2015: Top 3 E-Retailers in Singapore**

    Download the Lazada app to enjoy exclusive mobile deals only at Southeast Asia’s No. 1 online shopping destination.


    We carry over hundreds of thousands of products across various categories including health and beauty, lifestyle, fashion, electronics and more. Lazada is the place to visit for all your shopping needs. Find anything from smartphones, cameras, laptops to lipsticks, shoes, dresses! You can also shop conveniently on-the-go via our mobile apps – browse, view, buy, track, and review your items.


    Shop on-the-go with your mobile and/or tablet. With daily deals, special and exclusive promotions available from brands such as Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Sony, Nike, and Maybelline- shopping has never been more convenient!


    Shop at ease with Lazada. We offer 100% Buyer Protection – we guarantee that you get only genuine products that are not defective or damaged. If you are for any reason, dissatisfied with your product you can simply return it within 7 days for a full refund.


    Choose the way that you want to pay. We offer a wide range of secure payment options like Paypal, credit cards and bank transfer, as well as cash-on-delivery, where you only pay when you receive your package.

    App Highlights:

    ★ Browse and Search by category and brand

    ★ Sorting Filters: by price, discount, and popularity

    ★ Personalized Product Recommendations

    ★ App Exclusive Offers & Daily Deals Notifications

    ★ Wish List Creator

    ★ Express Checkout

    ★ Discount Coupon Redemption

    ★ Order Tracking

    ★ Log-in via Facebook

    ★ Sharing via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more

    ★ Customer Ratings & Reviews

    And more to come.

    To find out more information about us please visit our local websites or give us a call at…

    Indonesia: www.lazada.co.id / (021) 60206200

    Malaysia: www.lazada.com.my / 03 8601 1888

    Philippines: www.lazada.com.ph / (02)795 8900

    Singapore: www.lazada.sg / +65 315 71774

    Thailand: www.lazada.co.th / (02) 695 0600

    Vietnam: www.lazada.vn / 19001007




    Recently, we’ve been notified of several cases where our app is promoted fraudulently by some third-party advertisers, usually in the form of site redirection, fake vouchers and games. These types of ads are being promoted without our consent and we strictly condemn this type of behavior.

    If you encounter any of these issues, please help us and copy the page URL found and report it to help@lazada.com with subject AAV so that we can put an end to this.

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    Lazada - Shopping & Deals نسخه 5.6.2 screenshot 1

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    medpex Apotheke نسخه ۱٫۳٫۰

    Bei medpex finden Sie Ihre Arzneimittel, Kosmetik- und Wellnessprodukte zu günstigen Preisen. Einfach und bequem über die App bestellen. Wir versenden innerhalb von nur 24 Stunden – ab 20,- € sogar gratis. medpex – Meine Wohlfühl-Apotheke.

    – Beschreibungen, Anwendungsgebiete, Anwendungshinweise, Dosierungen, Nebenwirkungen und Wirkstoffe zu über 120.000 Produkten
    – Kundenbewertungen und Kundenmeinungen
    – Einfach und schnell Produkte suchen, bestellen und Preise vergleichen
    – Merkzettelfunktion (im Webshop oder als lokaler Merkzettel)
    – Übersichtliche Kategorien zum Stöbern nach Produkten
    – Kostenlose Apothekenumschau und Proben zu jeder Bestellung
    – Bonuspunkte sammeln und gegen attraktive Prämien einlösen
    – Rabatt-Gutscheine, Aktionen und Sonderangebote
    – Alle Bestellungen inkl. aktuellem Bearbeitungsstand aufrufbar

    Vielen Dank an unsere treuen Kunden.
    Ihr medpex-Team

    Kontakt: https://www.medpex.de/kontakt

    In medpex find your medicines, cosmetics and wellness products at reasonable prices. order through the app easily and comfortably. We ship within just 24 hours – from 20, – € for free even. medpex – My Feel-pharmacy.

    – Descriptions, application, application notes, dosages, side effects and agents to over 120,000 products
    – Customer Reviews and Testimonials
    – Fast and easy search for products, order and compare prices
    – Notepad function (in the webshop or Local Leaflet)
    – Clear Categories to browse by product
    – Free Apothekenumschau and samples with every order
    – Collect bonus points and redeem them for attractive premiums
    – Discount Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    – All orders, including the current processing status callable.

    Many thanks to our loyal customers.
    Your medpex team

    Contact: https://www.medpex.de/kontakt

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    medpex Apotheke نسخه 1.3.0 screenshot 1

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    Trendyol نسخه ۲٫۱٫۴۹

    En sevdiğin markaların yeni sezon ürünlerine ve sana özel kampanyalarına ulaşmanın keyfini https://www.trendyol.com Android uygulamasıyla çıkar. Trendyol uygulaması sayesinde kampanya ve fırsatları takip ederek zaman ve mekan kısıtlaması olmadan istediğin an güvenli ve hızlı online alışveriş yapabileceksin.
    https://www.trendyol.com Android uygulaması ile alışverişin zevki nasıl artıyor?
    Web sitemizdeki tüm özelliklerimizle birlikte, uygulamamızla aşağıdakileri yapabileceksin:
    • Kadın giyim, erkek ve çocuk giyim, ayakkabı, çanta, saat, aksesuar, kozmetik, parfüm gibi daha birçok kategoride aradığın ürüne kolay ve hızlı bir şekilde ulaşabilirsin. 
    • Gelişmiş ürün sayfalarıyla daha kolay alışveriş: Filtreleme özelliği ile aradığın ürünleri rahatlıkla bulabilir, ürün görselleri arasında dokunmatik ekran ile rahatça gezebilirsin.
    • Ünlülerin Trendyol’a özel hazırladığı koleksiyonları inceleyebilir ve sana özel fırsatlardan yararlanabilirsin.
    • Dilersen kredi kartlarını kaydederek tek adımda ödeme yapabilirsin.
    • Hesap menüsünden kayıtlı kredi kartlarını ve indirim kuponlarını inceleyebilir, kuponlarını kullanabilirsin. Tüm sipariş detaylarını kontrol ederek, kargo sürecini takip edebilirsin.
    • Beğendiğin ürünleri Facebook ve Twitter hesabında paylaşabilir, arkadaşlarına e-mail olarak gönderebilirsin.
    • Ücretsiz iade avantajı ve güvenli ödeme seçenekleriyle alışverişini tamamlayabilirsin.
    https://www.trendyol.com ’da her gün yepyeni markaların ürünleri satışa çıkar. Satılan ürünler %100 orijinaldir. Alışverişinizi güvenli bir şekilde tamamlamanız için gerekli bütün önlemler alınmıştır.
    Most of your favorite brand for the new season products and enjoy a special campaign to reach out to you with my Android app https://www.trendyol.co. Trendyol moment thanks to the application campaigns and opportunities you want without the restrictions of time and space by following safe and fast will you shop online.
    https://www.trendyol.co I enjoy shopping with how growing Android app?
    With all our property on our website, you can do the following with our application:
    • Women's apparel, men's and children's clothing, shoes, handbags, watches, accessories, cosmetics, friendly products in many categories such as perfume and you're looking for, you can reach quickly.
    • easier to shop with advanced product page of the product you're looking for by filtering feature to easily find the products you can easily navigate between images with the touch screen.
    • Inspect the famous collection of Trendyol special prepare and you can take advantage of special deals.
    • You can pay in a single step by registering your credit cards if you wish.
    • Inspect registered credit cards and discount vouchers from the Account menu, you can use the coupon. All orders by checking the details, you can track the shipping process.
    • The product that you like you can share on Facebook and Twitter account, you can send it as an e-mail to friends.
    • You can complete your shopping with free return advantage and secure payment options.
    https://www.trendyol.co'm also floated the new brand products every day. Sold products are 100% original. all necessary measures in order to complete your shopping safely taken.

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    Trendyol نسخه 2.1.49 screenshot 1

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    بیلبورد تبلیغ رایگان شما ( bilboard ) نسخه ۴

    به نام خدا

    با سلام

    تبلیغ رایگان
    کالای شما
    خدمات شما
    وبسایت شما

    در بیلبورد

    اگر میخواهید چیزی بخرید ویا کالای خود را به فروش برسانید بیلبورد را دانلود کنید

    بیلبورد  نرم افزاری برای خرید و فروش کالاهای شما


    تصاویر :

    بیلبورد تبلیغ رایگان شما ( bilboard )  نسخه 4 screenshot 1

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