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Button Savior Pro Key نسخه ۱٫۱

Buy this key to upgrade Button Savior to Pro version. Automatically unlock both (Root) and (Non Root) versions.

This is just a key not an App. So you won't be able to run it. Instead, you need to download Button Savior first before buying the key to work.

Please try before purchase and download the free version (Button Savior) first to make sure it works 100% on your device!

Top 1 Software key App on Android Market
Top 10 Must have app for root devices
Top 1 Must have app on HTC HD2
Top 1 Software key app with best customization features
Works from 1.5 to JellyBean

What's added in PRO??
☆ Swipe to show Button Savior panel from both sides of screen
☆ Able to rearrange Button order to your liking
☆ Able to hide/show any button
☆ Able to assign shortcut on Camera/Call key (Will expand the support list later)
☆ Ads removal

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Button Savior Pro Key نسخه 1.1 screenshot 1

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Microsoft GigJam نسخه ۱٫۷٫۲

GigJam is a breakthrough way to spontaneously and ephemerally involve other people in your work. Just circle the live information you want to share and cross out the parts you don’t.

– Need to discuss a draft contract? Temporarily send over just the right paragraphs to your customer without leaving anything behind.
– Need vendor help filling in order details? Summon your Outlook email and related Salesforce orders, hide the price, and beam the sanitized info live to their phone for editing.

With GigJam you can:

– Ephemerally share a photo, or parts of Word, PowerPoint and PDF files.
– Temporarily send over just the right parts of information from popular business systems like Office365, Salesforce, Asana, Trello and more, even if the other person doesn’t have the same business applications as you.
– Control whether others just see your information or can co-work with you in real time.
Finally, it is possible to cross org, app and device boundaries to involve others in your work with just the right context – no more, no less.

If you are using a work or school credentials to access line of business systems, your organization may have policies regarding sharing of content, and you should consult with your IT department if you have any questions.

By using GigJam, you are agreeing to our terms of use and privacy statement. Learn about them at the links below:
– Terms of Use: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/servicesagreement
– Privacy Statement: https://privacy.microsoft.com/en-us/privacystatement

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Microsoft GigJam نسخه 1.7.2 screenshot 1

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RICOH Smart Device Connector نسخه ۳٫۱٫۲

RICOH Smart Device Connector lets you quickly access a RICOH multifunction printer (MFP) or projector by registering it with a smart device via NFC, Bluetooth Low Energy, a QR code, or the IP address or hostname of an MFP.

Print-related features:
– Print or project documents and images stored on a smart device or on Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive.
– Print emails, file attachments, and webpages.
– Print from print server.

Scan-related features:
– Scan to a smart device or to Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive.

Projection-related features:
– Project documents and images on a smart device or in Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive to a RICOH projector and the RICOH Interactive Whiteboard.*
– Project emails, file attachments, and webpages.
– Save documents that have been annotated on the RICOH Interactive Whiteboard.

Other features:
– Conduct user authentication by using a smart device.
– Automatically search for available machines on the same network.**
Supported languages:
Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Czech, Denmark, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese

Supported models:

*RICOH Interactive White Board D6500/D5510 requires firmware v1.7 or later.
**Except for the RICOH Interactive Whiteboard.

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RICOH Smart Device Connector نسخه 3.1.2 screenshot 1

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ASUS Calendar نسخه ۲٫۱٫۰٫۵۷_۱۶۰۷۲۹

ASUS ZenUI Calendar is the essential scheduling partner for your ASUS ZenUI device, allowing you to integrate appointments from multiple agendas, including Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange – seamlessly!

ZenUI Calendar also synchronizes with your favorite social-media tools, such as Plurk and Weibo, keeping all parts of your life in harmony.

Whether you like to like to browse your schedule by the day or week, or via a monthly view, ZenUI Calendar makes quick and easy work of managing personal, social and business arrangements — and with just a few taps of your finger!

Due to changes in Facebook's service policy, ASUS Calendar will no longer be able to access some of your Facebook services such as all your Facebook friends information including their birthdays.
Some related features in ASUS Calendar have been modified in order to comply with this new policy. Thank you for your understanding.

[Key features]
– Support for both local, online and corporate calendars keeps all parts of your life in view.
– Multiple calendar views allow you to flip easily between daily, weekly or monthly schedules.
– Seamless integration with popular social networks helps you stay on top of birthdays, anniversaries and other events.
– Ever-present ‘New event’ button means you can create new entries whenever you need, without having to hunt through menus.
– Reply, forward, share or send invitations via ZenUI Email without having to switch apps.
– Simple-to-configure countdown option provides persistent reminder of impending events, so you’ll never miss an important appointment.
– Decide exactly how simple or detailed you’d like your ZenUI Calendar to be, with easy-to-customize views.
– Intelligent location integrating speeds the creation of appointments, allowing you to add previous or current addresses just by tapping the Location field.

1. Tick ‘Show number of events’ in Settings and Month view to enumerate each day’s appointments, allowing you to gauge your schedule at a glance.
2. If you’re running late for an appointment, use the ‘Quick responses’ feature in Settings to let everyone know — with just a tap.
3. Send greetings quickly and easily, right within ZenUI Calendar – just tap the entry and then choose to call or email.
4. Enable the ‘Show weather’ and ‘Show second time zone’ options in Settings for a heads-up on outdoor conditions and to keep in sync with remote friends and colleagues.
5. Link cover images for ZenUI Gallery events to ZenUI Calendar and then tap the image icon in ZenUI Calendar to instantly switch to ZenUI Gallery to view all linked photos.

1. The appearance and operation of some features may vary, depending on your device.
2. ASUS ZenUI Calendar is a free app for ASUS devices. You will not be charged for downloading or using this app.

[Contact Us]
For more information about ASUS ZenUI Calendar, please visit http://www.asus.com/ASUS_ZenUI/
Email: zenui@asus.com

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ASUS Calendar نسخه screenshot 1

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File Explorer and Manager نسخه ۱٫۷

Try this simple and efficient file manager in desktop computer design. Explore your apps and files and experience the feel of your desktop system.

* Cut, Copy, Paste, Move, Share etc.
* Listing of all of your drives in PC style.
* Create Folders
* Move the files to Recycle Bin
* Built-in ZIP support allows you to decompress or extract ZIP files;
* Kill running tasks, increase memory and speed up your device;
* Supports Tablet devices.
* Quick Access icon for easy navigation
* Amazing style start menu for quick application launch

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File Explorer and Manager نسخه 1.7 screenshot 1

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Lenovo Accelerate 2017 نسخه ۶٫۳۸٫۰٫۱

Stay connected with all Lenovo Accelerate 2017 information while in Orlando, FL April 24th-26th with the Accelerate event app. Lenovo's annual channel partner forum, Accelerate, provides business partners the opportunity to hear from Lenovo experts and industry leaders to learn how to grow their business.

While at Accelerate you'll be able to customize your training agenda to best meet your needs. Attendees will learn more about Lenovo's channel strategy, latest innovative products and award winning channel programs.

Download this year's application to access and update your personalized agenda, network and chat with event attendees and stay up-to-date on the latest event news.

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Lenovo Accelerate 2017 نسخه screenshot 1

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smartWake Pro Unlocker نسخه ۱٫۰۰

This app will unlock the free version. Please keep the free version installed!

With smartWake you can easily wake the screen of your phone without pressing any buttons!
No need for tap to wake or similar. With Raise to Wake(like in iOS 10) you just have to pick op your phone to turn the screen on!

Use the innovative face wake technology to wake the phone when you look at it!

• Free PRO version giveaways coming soon to google+ community! Join now!

• Raise to Wake the screen (like in iOS 10)
• Face wake, turn the screen on when you look at the phone!
• Air control, turn the screen on or off by waving your hand over the phone
• Tilt control, rotate your phone to turn the screen on
• Sleep in pocket, turn the screen off when the phone is in a pocket
• Sleep on table, turn the screen off when you put the phone on a table
• Wake the screen on notifications
• No need for tap to wake the screen anymore!

• All pro features like face wake!
• No ads

• Google Community: https://plus.google.com/communities/100241188820321255499
• Please note that not all e-mails can be replied instantly. But I will try to fix every bug asap.

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smartWake Pro Unlocker نسخه 1.00 screenshot 1

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Do It Later: Tasks & To-Dos نسخه ۲٫۱۵٫۰٫۲۰_۱۷۰۱۱۶

Modern life is hectic, so ASUS Do It Later lets you focus on the most important tasks without missing a beat. When you're too busy to deal with a call, reply to an email or follow an interesting link, just tap to send the task to the ASUS Do It Later list – it couldn't be easier!

ASUS Do It Later integrates tightly with many other ASUS ZenUI elements, as well popular third-party apps, such as Google Maps, Chrome and YouTube, so sanity-preserving serenity is only ever one tap away. ASUS Do It Later also synchronizes seamlessly with Google and Microsoft Exchange accounts to keep all your to-do lists in check.

When you're ready to deal with your tabled tasks, ASUS Do It Later helps you to pick up from where you left off. Just tap the task card's action button and your'e all set!.

[Key features]
– Seamless integration with many ASUS ZenUI apps and third-party apps – just one tap on the menu option sends tasks to ASUS Do It Later.
– Dynamic action button adjusts to reflect the task type, allowing you deal easily and instantly with emails, messages, phone calls and much more.
– Smooth snapshot-style animation indicates clearly when that the task has been sent to ASUS Do It Later.
– Easy task-management page lets you see, sort and swipe your tasks.
– All-new widget shows unfinished tasks even more clearly and allows you to create new tasks.

1. Mark simply by tapping the exclamation point ("!") button.
2. Simple swipe a task card off the screen to delete it.
3. Use the drop-down menu to filter tasks by type.

1. The appearance and operation of some features may vary, depending on your device.
2. ASUS Do It Later is a free app for ASUS devices. You will not be charged for downloading or using this app.

[Contact Us]
For more information about ASUS Do It Later, please visit http://www.asus.com/ASUS_ZenUI/
Email: zenui@asus.com

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Do It Later: Tasks & To-Dos نسخه screenshot 1

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Smart Voice Assistant نسخه ۲٫۶٫۶

If you don't know how to use my app PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTION BELOW or DON'T RATE MY APP!


۱٫ App needs Internet connection for most languages.
2. App needs Google Search (or Voice Search for Android 4.1-)
3. App needs text-to-speech engine (you can download it from Google Play), and text-to-speech language and your device language have to be the same.
4. "Ok Google" should be disabled.
5. Contacts should be synchronized with Google Account.

If you use BT headset you can start recognizing by single clicking BT button. Click again to start recognizing your voice by mobile device microphone. If you click once more, app will stop service.

I would like to introduce you my another great app! Smart Voice Assistant is pretty useful app, which let you control your phone by voice. This app ideally suited while you drive a car. Thanks to it, you won’t endanger your and other people's lives. When you receive message, this app will display and even read it if you want it. In case you want make a call, Just say key-word and your contact’s name. This app can activate loudspeaker if you want. So download this incredible app and explore more features which were implemented for you.

This app supports bluetooth headset (Android 3.0+ is required). You can run/stop service by clicking Bluetooth headset button!




Voice recognition in some languages need access to Internet. If new message window doesn’t display make sure that other message apps don’t block SMS notifications.


Before you begin, you should adjust all key-words. (Choose category, click button and say key-word)
Check contact/app key-words. If they contains signs and words hard to speak, you should change them.
To start recognizing – click start button, to stop recognizing – click stop button.


Calling: *phone key-word* + *contact key-word*
Example: "call john"

Writing SMS: *write SMS key-word* + *contact key-word*
Example: "write to john"

Writing Note: *write note key-word* + *name*
Example: "new note first"

Open Note: *open note key-word* + *name*
Example: "open note first"

Nawigation: *navigation key-word* + *destination* – Google Maps is required or other navigation app which react for navigation intent
Example: "navigation new york aberdeen street"

Searching: *searching key-word* + *target*
Example: "search restaurant berlin"

Launching apps: *aunch app key-word* + *app key-word*
Example: "launch mail"

While you are editing text, you can delete one word, whole text message or text after the word which you said…
Example for key-word: "delete since"

Text message:

Hi, what's up?I am *playing a fantastic game.

To delete words after *:
"delete since playing"

Special thanks to Sébastien EYCHENNE and TheZeb42 for translating into french language.

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Smart Voice Assistant نسخه 2.6.6 screenshot 1

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ضبط کننده تماس‌های تلفنی ( Call Recorder ) نسخه ۲٫۰٫۱

یکی از بهترین برنامه‌ها برای ضبط خودکار تماس‌های تلفنی چه تماس هایی که شما با دیگران میگیرید و چه تماس هایی که آنها با شما میگیرند، لطفا در صورتی که برنامه کار نکرد یک بار گوشی یا تبلتتان را مجددا راه اندازی (ریستارت) نمایید و مجددا سعی نمایید یک تماس تلفنی را ضبط نمایید. اگر باز هم برنامه کار نکرد ممکن می باشد گوشی یا تبلتتان از قابلیت ضبط تماس‌های تلفنی پشتیبانی نکند….

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ضبط کننده تماس‌های تلفنی ( Call Recorder )  نسخه 2.0.1 screenshot 1

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