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اخبار و مجلات

Softonic نسخه ۲٫۶٫۷۵

Welcome to your app guide! Softonic is the perfect place to discover the best applications for your device. Softonic offers reviews of the latest apps, as well as news, tutorials, tips, comparisons, and video guides, to help you get the most out of your Android smartphone or Tablet.

The Softonic mobile application is designed to make app discovery fun, with a sleek, modern user interface that makes it quick and easy to find the best apps for you.

== Features of Softonic ==

• Read expert reviews of the latest hot apps and fun games
• Check out our tutorials, tips, interviews, and round-ups to discover more about the world of apps
• Download Android apps directly to your device
• View user comments and share reviews and articles with your friends
• Enjoy video reviews of the top applications
• Check out editor and user ratings to help you quickly decide what to install
• Get app recommendations, hand-picked by our team of crack app reviewers
• Thousands of apps and games independently reviewed by software journalists, covering all the major mobile and desktop operating systems
• Localized reviews and articles in 8 different languages

== App discovery made simple ==

Our reviews are designed to be easy to read and provide an at-a-glance overview of each application with pros and cons highlighting important things to know about an app or game before you install or buy it. All our reviews are accompanied by high quality screenshots so you can instantly see what to expect.

The Softonic app offers a magazine-style view of the latest top class content from our team of experts, including editors’ picks, news, tutorials, tips, opinion articles and more. App listings help you quickly find the best-rated, top-downloaded and top trending apps and games. You can also browse reviews by category, within a massive, ever-growing directory that is easier to explore than your average app store.

In short, Softonic is the best place to head for to discover more about applications and games.

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SAMAA TV نسخه ۳٫۴٫۳

SAMAA TV News App brings you Pakistan News, Breaking News, World News, Entertainment News, Sports News, Twitter Reactions, News Headlines, Facebook Viral Videos. Also watch uninterrupted free Live streaming, reality shows, political shows with Nadeem Malik, Shahzad Iqbal & Paras Jahanzeb. Also catch up with LollyWood and Bollywood news. The App’s content is available in Urdu & English both in the same download.

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SAMAA TV نسخه 3.4.3 screenshot 1

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USA TODAY نسخه ۴٫۱۲٫۱

From Pulitzer Prize winning storytelling and photography, to rich-media videos, full 360-degree experiences and virtual reality, USA TODAY is able to not only tell the news, but allow you to be completely immersed in it. And with our local-to-national coverage, you can add news stories happening right in your own communities.

NEWS: Browse national, local, most popular and recommended stories.
NEWS ALERTS: Get news as it breaks by opting in for push notifications on News, Sports, Life, Money or Tech. Rich notifications allow you to get an article preview from your lock screen.
VIRTUAL REALITY: Bring the news to life with 360° video and virtual reality. Check out our new weekly VR series, VRtually There with three new thrilling VR experiences every Thursday.
WEATHER: Be prepared with live weather information from hourly to 10-day forecasts. Enable location services to customize local weather news and other location-based services. (Continued use of GPS running in background can decrease battery life.)
SCORES: Stay up to speed on the latest sports scores and schedules for NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, Golf, NASCAR, Indy Car, UFC, Fantasy sports and college football and basketball.
SAVED STORIES: Save your favorite stories to read later.
NIGHT MODE: Enable this feature to view the app using a black background and white text.
ANDROID WEAR: Receive news alerts for stories as they happen and save to read later.

Our app features are constantly being improved based on your feedback, so we welcome you to tell us what you love and what you’d like to see more (or less) of. Contact us at: usatodaymobile@usatoday.com or on Twitter @usatodaymobile. For additional information, please visit http://www.usatoday.com/mobile-apps.

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News Track نسخه ۱٫۱۵


News Track is your pocket news magazine in Hindi. It is the most easy way to catch up on the news, read stories from around the world and be updated with the most happening events across the globe. You can flip or pick according to your interests. It increases your interest as you can read wherever and whenever you want. And it doesn't stops here, you can also share what you read with your friends and family via different social media. Start movement, share your opinions, all can be done with just one app.


There is lots of news which are worthy but do not get proper platform to publish. You are the witness of such news which occurs in your surroundings daily. So News Track has come up with a new concept for your news which is hidden yet or could not become an eye catchy news. You can become a mobile reporter by joining News Track via mobile application. Download this app on your smartphone and register yourself there. Send us your news in form of text, image and video anything which you want to get publish with exact location of news with city, town, and colony name. Your news will be published on News Track's web portal so world can read them.

You can also download this application to only read latest news, videos, and updates around the world.


NewsTrack Digital Paper or D-Paper is an initiative to read the digital version of more than 200 newspapers in various languages like Hindi, English, Urdu, Gujarati, Marathi, Nepali, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, etc online under a single site. Not only can you read Daily e-paper online but you can also find a topic, tag or story within an e-paper and save it for future reference.

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اخبار داغ ( Hot News ) نسخه ۱

‌اخبار داغ
برنامه ای کاملا آنلاین پر از خبرهای داغ روز

برنامه را به روز رسانی کنید و خبر های جدید را ببینید

خبرهایی از قبیل :

و گروه های دیگر اخبار در آپدیت های بعدی..

منتظر آپدیت های بعدی ما باشید…

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اخبار داغ ( Hot News )  نسخه 1 screenshot 1

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مواستار ( mostar ) نسخه ۲٫۱٫۵

مواستار یک اپلیکیشن خبری در حوزه سلبریتی‌ها، بازیگران، هنرپیشه‌ها، خواننده‌ها، ورزشکاران و تمامی هنرمندان است که تمامی اخبار هنرمندان هالیوود، سینما و تلویزیون ایران و جهان به صورت رایگان در اختیار علاقه‌مندان قرار می‌گیرد.
آشنایی با سبک زندگی خواننده‌ها، بازیگران، ورزشکاران و سیاستمداران مورد علاقه خود را می‌توانید با اپلیکیشن مواستار دنبال کنید.
امکانات اپلیکیشن:
دسترسی آفلاین به برنامه
موضوعات مورد علاقه خود را دنبال کنید
امکان ارسال نظر و گفتگو درباره هر خبر
گالری تصاویر و ویدئو
امکان داشتن پروفایل
طراحی زیبا و آسان

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مواستار ( mostar )  نسخه 2.1.5 screenshot 1

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کافه آنلاین ( CoffeeOnline ) نسخه ۱٫۰

کافه آنلاین یک مجموعه نرم افزاری ارزشمند است که به افراد این امکان را می دهد که در سریعترین زمان ممکن تمامی خبرهای ایران و جهان را دریافت کنند و همچنین با در اختیار داشتن بخش مجزایی برای دانستن هر آنچه که در بخش های زیبایی,تازه های دنیای فناوری,پزشکی,طب سنتی …ارائه می شوند عرضه شده است.

اگر نگران هستید که باید تنها با داشتن اینترنت به مرور صفحات خبری و مطالب بپردازید ما مشکل را حل کرده ایم تنها کافیست که مطلب یا خبر مورد نظر را به بخش علاقه مندی ها اضافه کنید و پس از آن می توانید بدون دسترسی به اینترنت به مرور صفحات بپردازید

برخی قابلیت ها:

دارای موتور جستجو در تمامی بخش ها اعم از دسته بندی و مطالب موجود

دارای بخش علاقه مندی ها برای افزودن بی نهایت مطلب برای مرور در زمانی دیگر

قابلیت مرور صفحات با سرعت بالا

ارائه خبرهای ویدیویی و تصویری به همراه مشاهده آنلاین و دانلود

دسته بندی های بخش خبری:

اخبار گوناگون

اخبار اقتصادی

اخبار ورزشی

اخبار سیاسی

و همچنین تمامی دسته بندی هایی که شما را ملزم به داشتن یک اپلیکیشن خبررسان می کند.

دسته بندی بخش مطالب:

زیبایی و پوست و مو

طب سنتی

تازه های فناوری



خانواده و جامعه

رژیم و تغذیه

و هر دسته بندی که شما کاربر گرامی برای هر چه بالا تر بردن آگاهی خود نسبت به موضوعات قرار داده می شود.

تیم ما همچنان آماده دریافت نظرات و پیشنهادات شما عزیزان در جهت بهبود هر چه بهتر اپلیکیشن هستیم لطفا در صورت بروز مشکل از طریق راه های ارتباطی با ما در تماس باشید و از بازخورد های منفی خودداری کنید.

با تشکر

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